Close campaigns, quarters, or months

This video shows you how to close a campaign, quarter, or month as an Admin or budget owner for your Plannuh account.

When you create a campaign in Plannuh, you reserve some of your budget for a specific purpose. But what happens when you are done spending that campaign? You can close the campaign and "give back" the unused budget to your overall budget.

Similarly, if you are done spending in a time period (quarter or month, depending on how you set up your budget), you can close the period to create a final record of spending in that particular period.

Closing a campaign (or expense bucket) requires that you are an owner of the campaign, the segment of the budget, or the budget overall. You can also close a campaign if you are an Admin. To close a timeframe, you need to be the owner of the budget or the Admin.

See the video below for a demonstration

Screen Recording 2018-10-19 at 11.45.59 AM