Create an Expense Bucket

When you have a series of related expenses, it can be helpful to group them together into an Expense Bucket

Expense Buckets enable you to reserve funds from your budget for a series of related expenses. They should not be used for individual Expenses (e.g. a one-time bill) or for a single, recurring, fixed Expense (e.g. a fixed retainer for a single vendor). Example use cases where Expense Buckets make a lot of sense include: Travel, Technology subscription fees (e.g. SFDC, Marketo...Plannuh 🤓✊), Printing and Copying.

Unlike Campaigns - which look like Expense Buckets - Expense Buckets aren't measurable and should not have metrics associated with them. Expense Buckets can be embedded into Campaigns or they can exist standalone. An example of an Expense Bucket in a Campaign might be for outsourced creative services in support of an Event.