Introduction to Dashboard

The Dashboard tells you a lot about your Plan and Budget in one compact view



1. Budget Timeline. The Budget Timeline shows how your budget is planned and used over the timeframe you specified when you set up the budget (i.e. monthly, quarterly or annually). With Plannuh’s color coding, you can easily see how much of your budget is still available; how much is reserved for Campaigns or Expense Buckets; planned, committed and closed Expenses. The Timeline also shows you if a time period is over or under budget.

2. Budget Hierarchy. The Budget Hierarchy visually depicts your budget segmentation (e.g. departments, or regions). For each segment, you can see how the budget has been planned and spent. You can also easily see whether you are over or under budget.

3. Guardrails. Plannuh automatically analyzes your Budget and provides insights into whether your Budget is structured within our recommended norms. It will indicate whether your Budget is within, above, or below our recommendations, and by how much.

4. Expense by Type/Goal. One of the most common questions – and one of the toughest to answer without Plannuh – is how much of your budget is planned, committed and spent on various types of expense. These modals allows you to easily see where your Budget is going by Expense type. It’s also critically important to see how much of your budget is being invested towards each of your key Goals