Set Budget Timeframe

What is the most useful timeframe to plan your budget and track its performance?

When you create a budget you need to define the most useful timeframe in which you plan and track performance. For the vast majority of companies the appropriate time frame will be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

We suggest creating a monthly budget because that gives you reasonably granularity, and it is easy to roll up quarterly and annual views from the monthly perspective. Once you have selected a quarterly view, you can't get more granular than that.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to the Budget Settings Tab in your Plannuh Account
  2. Create a New Budget by clicking the Plus sign

3. Select the timeframe that you want to use for your budget:


4. Select the start date for your budget - Plannuh will schedule a 1 year budget from your selected start date:


Nice work! Now your Timeframe is set