User profiles and permissions

Plannuh allows permissions-based collaboration within and across teams

There are 4 types of user in Plannuh. In order of ascending permissions, they are:

  • Read Only - can see but not edit information in Planuh
  • Read-Write - can see and edit information in Plannuh
  • Admin - in addition to read-write permissions, can add other users to an account
  • Account Owner - in addition to admin permissions, owns the billing relationship with Plannuh

When a new user is added to a company's account ( by a user with admin permissions) the user who invites them sets their user profile. In addition, they can specify which parts of the plan the new user will see when they log in. A new user may be granted access to see a complete budget or a segment of a budget.

At this time, permissions are set once per user across the entire account. So a user can't have read-write permission in one section of the account and read-only in a different section of the same account.